White Boys

I am black,

as black as night,

Not really but,

I thought it sounded right.

And I have a thing,

for white boys.

Not to be racist,

no, not to be rude,

Not to sound silly,

hateful or crude.

But I have a thing,

for white boys.

I always have,

don't ask me why,

For when I was young,

and painfully shy.

I had my eye,

On a white boy.

Try as I might,

I can't get my mom to see,

when every race is attracted to me,

why I choose to be,

with white boys.

I like their little game,

how they have none at all,

how their first line,

is suddle and small,

how they are not afraid to be,

who they feel they are,

from fitted caps to polos,

to a round of drinks at the bar,

On my heart it has been written,

like a mark maybe a scar,

I will always have a thing,

For White boys

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