Not Mad.. Pissed

How come everytime I get upset,

It is because of some great unrest,

Of my race, of my gender,

that only when I am upset white men remember.

I am like this because I am black,

Are the words time and time again that keep coming back.

I am indeed a black woman,

but that don't make me mad,

I am indeed a minority of life,

but that don't keep me sad.

All day long I hear people talking,

About nothing with ignorate tounges,

The words that speak cut me,

But I am not harmed.

I know I am strong for my age,

but my blackness has made me this way,

from all the years my color,

Has been too dark to be ok.

My feelings are hurt,

but my flight is not broken,

I have a million paths to follow,

but it seems only one door is open,

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