Lost and Looking


I'm lost in this sea

The sea of people

Everyone around me

All of them the same

None that are like me

I am the one and only

Oh how I wish that someone

Could fall in love with me

Feeling empty and lost

Lost in this sea of sameness

Lost in the waters of the uniform

Looking for that one

The one that makes me happy

The one I can relate to

The one thats different

Different just like me

Wondering whats wrong with me

Why can't I fond him

Why is it that I'm alone

Alone with only me

Leaving home for college

Leaving the pain behind me

Going to new Waters

Waters of the sea of sameness

Although the waters different

The fish that swim there too

It will still be a sea of sameness

Maybe for me and you

Lost and Looking for it

The happiness i can have

Maybe I will find it there

In the different sea of sameness

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I decided to write this because right now I just feel like im so different from people around me that I'll never find the one thing i've been looking for all along...

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