The World Outside

Wishing the sun would shine again

The clouds have all moved in again

It’s the ending of an age

A new story, a new page

The book of light and dark

A child lost inside the park

Someone lost, someone found

A poor stray dog locked in the pound

A patient’s heart upon the table

A doctor’s hope, but still unable

One true love walks out the door

The woman crying on the floor

Someone hungry, stealing food

What their diet doesn’t include

People lying in the streets

Men with guns those people meet

Selling, buying, need for drugs

Whatever they need they aren’t hugs

The bloods, the Cripps the gangs all here

The sorrow they cause, a mother’s tears

The cheating husband, the druggie mom

The patient’s blood, the streets are calm

The gangs, the strays, the child lost

Takes rest inside the winter’s frost

As the sun grows light, and clouds float by

The problems rage, are never gone

I find solace in daddy’s arms

Protect me from the dangers near

“Its ok your home now dear”

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