Ode to an Ivy Leaf

So small and green,

The feel of leather,

so smooth and cool.

From the stem

Lines rise

through your

soft visage

like little veins

as if you are

not just a plant,

but a human

with veins that pump


From my front yard


from the vine

in the chilly.

morning air.

Your feel and color

Soft and green

Like the blankets

that keep me warm

as I sleep

in my bed.

You have seen much

in your time.

The many school days,

heading off to the bus,

or driving in

Mom and dad

off to work.

Days where

you see nothing at all

Like a security camera

sensing and watching

all that happens

Good, and


The wrong doings

of the outside world,

the outside of the house

Perhaps longing

for the warmth of inside

which you can not come.

The outside world is yours,

and for your visage

it is


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a Poem I wrote in a class at school and I felt like posting it for you guys....

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