Barren Cycle/The Girl That Drags Me

Dozing in the cycle of solid getting by's

Stinging by the notion offered from your sighs

An open loft of servitude that's cozy in disguise

Will cause the shred of moral right with something left behind

Through broken jaw I speak my mind

and choke upon my teeth

The garbled words still reach you clear

you feign a deaf retreat

I reach for you and muscles strain

upon me and beneath

And your aversion so persistent

that I must yield defeat

Faux perceptions, higher callings

take their toll to you

And as you speak your glittered heartache

we sympathize on queue

For as I loved you, you denied me

yet chain me to your move

And while I'm dragged a thousand lifetimes

I'll surely break in two

Left as is a victim worthy of your call

I am but a carcass at mercy to the crawl

Yet as I rot to wonder, the irony of all

The love I have has yet to mend,

and I have yet to fall.

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