I once had a mystery girl

Who spoke to me in tandem ways

A basic night was bathed in light

To let her find my consciousness

She spoke of love and seeking out

I begged her to concede

She'd just smile and fade to black

And I'd just wait and see

Schedules kept me up for days

But I waited like a stone

And statuesque I'd think and stare

Until I aged so narrow

And so at last, something gave

My dreams did start to lapse

I slowly learned to forget her ways

Her face became a shadow

I feel affection, far off shore

As I deny my solitude

Buckle down and brace for strife

While nothing ever changes

With her in mind, I felt calm

But cheated by the scorn

The world aloud had fewer words

As I tried to better myself

I fought and gained some small insight

Told myself just not to care

And soon beheld, I lost her touch

In the very back of my head

With none in mind I carry time

To herald my dear charm

Eluding all but closest realms

I pretend to not exist

And without her I shall find worth

As I pillar for my home

But when I fall, perhaps she'll be

A sweet thing to land upon.

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