A new found birth that turns to grow

And becomes a man, prone to decline

Who reaches for something bright

Only to stumble for the hundredth time

From tragic strings he pulls along

Immune to his bitter becoming

Learning of the world outside

Reaching for all the luster

Youth turns to pale shades of gray

And he recalls when the colors began to fade

Imagining something better

The younger side of his rotten luck

Those around would envy him

That way he'd persevere

But he would not resign to their pity

He wouldn't become something to look down on

Mal had no function and sought it for decades

His hands would always wind up empty

But the thought of surrender never came up

He knew better than to lower his head in shame

Mal knew of destiny

And its mysterious ways

It could influence the world in endless design

By issuing no more than a whisper

He trusted its push and pull

But did not choose to rely on it

He would only try to muddle onward

Because it was all he knew how to do

Into the ages, Mal fell to the times

And found himself on white sheets in a sterile room

People came to wish him well

But he took little notice

He asked to be lead back home

To continue trying for more

But Mal could hardly stand alone

He could hardly breathe without aid

And in short work, Mal came and went

Laying silently in his eggshell tomb

The people who would visit cried to themselves

Praying in their many different ways

Mal passed on to wherever he chose

Without a last word to anyone

And fellows mourned and grieved a loss

That had been felt by so many more than Mal could have known

Despite his aches, he never slowed

Never gave in to any inclination of doubt

He journeyed through the monotonous grime

That clouded every step of his way

And lovers, friends and family watched

As he fought for a lifetime to feel something true

They felt his strength and sought it out

Hoping that they could be like Mal

Now he sleeps, his well deserved rest

His final thoughts of his own failure

But all around embraced him so

Finding the pillar that they needed within him

And even though no one says it aloud

Even though Mal may not know it himself

He lived his destiny throughout the years

And disappeared into everyone's fondest memories.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mal had a function.

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