Chaos is in the Element, not the Timing

You are not your precise weapon of mass

You are young and immobile, being thrown around

In a pit of misunderstanding, sweat and vomit

To think of yourself as determined, hardened

A stark contrast to your appearance,

As a weak little thing in the grand scheme of thrash

You know nothing, scream nonsense like an anthem

You believe in the tar pits that surround you

And indulge in the spikes that you raise

Learn something valuable and commit it to your head

Kill yourself when you've really exhausted your chance

Potentials can lift, they can descend

You are no more than a notion at this point in time

Craft yourself, don't self-destruct so soon

Especially for a cause that is not of your own configure

Embrace your youth and see that it is good

It is right and it is pure to be blissfully unaware

Of all that can hurt you in this lifetime

You've got years on reserve, and you're sacrificing

For attention from skunk stripes and bolts through flesh

Wake up and listen to what's booming in your head

It means nothing, it is not art

It is not worth dying for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So cool.

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