I walked into this room the other day

I can't remember where I was, why I was there

That stupid eggshell white was everywhere

I took a glance, my watch had stopped

I was standing in dirty clothes among strangers

Things were smelling kind of mournful

And I couldn't decide whether or not it was me

I brushed myself off and took a step forward

Tracking mud and not really giving a damn

There were lots of windows every few inches

Way too bright, without any kind of shade

The people within, they all looked so attractive

Polished with their smiles and their wine in one hand

They even laughed in such a polite way,

Whatever the joke, I bet it wasn't funny

There was nowhere to sit so I just stayed on my feet

A lens had fallen out so here I was, half-blind

"How about those playoffs? I'm excited!" A man said to me

I shook my head abruptly and then nodded all the same

I'm not a fan of sports these days, what else was I to say?

I took a few steps further away

A young woman offered me a smoke with a sly kind of curve

A sigh escaped me as I took the cigarette and let it drop

I don't really fit in here, do I?

I was just a pile of fabric and black pastel

Among these porcelain dolls I was already in pieces.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can't think of anything else to add to it, so it may end that way forever.

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