I see how everyone looks with forced admiration

Upon an image or sculpture formed by a mortal.

A mortal who has no special touch, no divine vision.

It makes me sad to think people are this way.

Why believe in something that kills?

I will not shun people who are different than me.

All human beings have a right to life.

If you put your life in a book of fairy tales

And way of life based upon a legend,

You are an advocate for hating black people, all people

Who aren’t white, all men who love men, all women who don’t,

All freethinking individuals.

What if a gay black communist fell dying at your door?

Would you be the “good Samaritan” you advertise so profusely?

Remember, it would be in contradiction to the “Word”.

It does nothing but breed hate.

You would be willing to die for hundreds of years,

Searching for something that doesn’t exist,

Killing those who live in the supposed area.

How could something like that happen?

If you were able to think by yourself,

Maybe you’d realize the years you’ve wasted.

It’s never too late to get out and become human.

The world would have no problems

If we tried to live like humans and not disciples.

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