Outer Unknown


It is the unpredictability of white,

Broken with flashes of dark.

The shadows engulf my attention.

With a pen, I shed light.

Ambiguous, hidden in. . . .

What do I hide?  As I dine tonight,

As I pull on the stick,

My head, it spins,

Treads the swirling.

The wheels of the occidental,

The oriental,

Prime Meridians exposed.

When she comes, everything will glow red.

Red – always the catalyst.

Forever constant.

The Red draws me from the Center,

As it magnetically should.

The Gray has reigned far too long.

She has the power to commit

To procedures

Unspeakable acts


Then you wonder

Why must I judge her?

I know her – how does this change the situation?

The thoughts – remembered friends

Ask “how are you?”, clap the back

Inner layers known,

Outer unknown

This is the key

Remember well, oh friend, this night

Eyes have never past the 300-mile mark.

Beyond, a no-man’s land

The books have been adapted

Mark this down, around

Between the you, the it,

Cultivators, violators

Have become tenants.

This is the change.

Flesh, that changer

Acts quickly, permanently

Your memory, inaccurate.

You can knock down the barricade

Like turtle shells.

Turtle shells, these others

You must banish forever.

The spikes were shiny and sharp

Reflected light dazzled your eyes.

Your judgment walked out from the tinsel,

The Christmas Tree Star

Bore all the pain

Pushed aside once again.

When the strawberry gem came along

Confusing your senses

This time there was no pain for her.

She was immune and the vacation was about to begin.

The holiday has ended

A new era of work looms and spills

The eyes again look toward No-man’s Land,

Certainly a better place to be

Than stewing in this swamp.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Theresa. . .

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