. . . Creating Feelings of Uncertainty. . .


I’ve been hit by a bombshell.

When it happened, I felt my heart beign pulled down to my gut

And my insides blacken

With fear, astonishment, sickness.

What have I done? – my first reaction.

Returning from seven days’ absence

With a clear perspective on matters at hand,

Very optimistic and determined, I waited for a chance.

Then it happened, and things changed.

Brought to my attention – brutal honesty is ugly.

Could it be true?

Is that really how I am?

Could I treat a person with that much carelessness?

If what was said were true, eventually I would hurt a person greatly.

I know I don’t want to do that.

I’m pretty sure what was said is not the way I am.

They are not the reasons for what I’m doing,

Or for what happened to me – that’s a better way to put it.

Now I’m very unsure what to do.

At one time, I was prepared to handle the situation.

Now I’m afraid to make a move.

I feel like I should hold off.

I can do that,

But I think contact needs to be made.

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