Cross Examination -or- Speculum Blues

Wondering now if that if that hair is ingrown,

The Intifadeh seems like bitchin fun.

Superextend that imposing finger of yours

In my direction, please.

Between my horrid lips, I wrap my tongue around it,

scrape with my gapped front teeth.

If only. . .

Construction lines the landscape, or are those?. .. . Maybe. . ..?

Mananimal cut down like a willow,

Bleeding sap into all your righteous condemnation of the 69 moonlanding.

Where else will the hairy find warm refuge?

In themselves?. . . In it all?

Don't think there is one all-encompassing answer, I mean you can if you want, I mean you do what you want, I mean farbeit for me to try and control your actions can hardly control my own answers/bowels in the depths of wonderment and the end all be all of your swirling beliefs

Befuddled, Harumph, Well I say

Well I must say, I just stepped in a steaming pile of Foucault!

You smellin what's makin me do the splits helplessly?

And confusion. . .what the world wants, what the world needs. . .

No more agile Aguileras, a few more bass bustin girls!

Cause, I mean, there is One. . .. then there is Another. . . . Endlessly till you can't even fathom the bottomless pit of internal space exploration and the final, FINAL frontier, Number One.

. . . . Engage. . ..

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