i like your jean bikini, right

inky temptation this night, the sun still sees me

hugging my small frame,

curtaining me in an envelope of solar secrets

these days i embrace him

never was like this before


am i so lonely i need to love the sun?


knock on my door and you will frighten yourself

or find confusion

i am solitude and nothing,

degree of perchance and happenstance with

stanzas of persuasion and seductive functionality

funckshunalitee, to me, is super easy, but

do actions really speak louder?

or is the pen mightier?

which is whoever?

if you write it, say it, then do it,

or hide your head, sir, because you are a shamartist

and if you act, don't shout it, write on it,

or no one will remember

action is only momentary, which makes me wonder

why is it so frightening?

and why does it frighten so, for others?

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