Forbidden Enemy

My feelings for you, my worst enemy.

Lying in bed, my eyes resisting to close.

Thoughts of you that I’m trying to dispose.

Have gone from hours, days, weeks, to months.


This forbidden feeling.

It’s taken over my mind and heart.

It’s become my greatest fear.

And yet I can’t stop.


How every time I see your beautiful face and hear your voice.

I can’t describe this happiness that you seem to bring.

But those painful words uttered,

Became the sword to my heart.


Why is it that we hang onto the one who doesn't care?

Many times I’ve tried knowing and changing it.

I just continue to torture myself.

And I have my own life to spare.


If I’m near, you’ll be rankle.

To spare you from galling.

And my heart from dying.

I have to forget and move on.

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