The Star and the Wanderer

Star and Wanderer,

Two strangers in paradise.

Faithful sketch of us.

A star brilliantly shining,

And a Wanderer in pursuit of fate.


We both from different world,

Our path could never meet.

You are the star that everyone adores.

And I'm just the wanderer,

Existence that you won't even realize.


The first time I saw your smile,

I fell and my heart tumbled.

An angelic face that can melt down a thousand hearts.

The charming voice that feels like lullaby.

A star beyond compare.


Everytime we meet in my castle in the sky,

It feels real and right.

But as I wake up,

I know it's too good to be true.

My pie in the sky can never be turned into reality.


There are a lot of theories about stars.

People say a star form as the cloud collapses.

And all stars are results of a balance of forces.

But the most basic way is simply look at it,

Even with just the naked eye it is possible.


I found my star the day I met you,

But never have the courage and chance.

I hope one day beyond shadow of doubt the clouds will open.

And the world we live in find its balance.

Then I can finally meet my star.

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