You Are My Sweetheart (Y.A.M.S)

Are you doing well?

Are you still thinking of me?

Since the moment you left my heart stop beating.

I don't have everything in this world,

But having you is more than enough.


Even though we don't share our days together,

Just one message feels like forever.

I want to comfort your pain with my love,

And make my body as your shield.

Can we keep this kind of love?


The day you said goodbye,

Our eyes won't meet and you keep moving.

You broke my heart and shattered our dreams.

I am sorry if you couldn't love me more,

And my eyes are too dry to cry.


I call out your name,

I want to say don't go, don't leave me.

The more I look the smaller you get.

I am hurt, please come back to me.

But you never look back.


I never imagined myself without you.

My everyday life became a challenge,

I am prepared but I'm wasn't ready.

I did everything just not to give up,

But I still lose in the game of our love.


Even I smile I'm still crying inside.

I am really okay but I keep getting sad.

I know its already over.

It's now just a memory of me and you.

I keep calling you even I know you won't come back.


I write these words in this poem.

I'm more scared that time will make me forget.

It would be better for time to skip,

And for me to ease the pain.

Because I said goodnight but you said goodbye.

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