Song of Summer

Sitting on a cliff overlooking the sea,

a young maiden strums her lute idly.

With golden hair silvered in the sun, she appears older than her years.

Her golden eyes flicker with unshed tears.

She shivers a little wishing for the sun to shine brighter,

bringing with it the warmth that makes her soul lighter.

She sings a little melody to make the day go by,

sending her words to any who might hear up in the sky.

"The sun is bright and warm.

There is no sign of a storm.

The sky is like the blue of a sapphire.

The sun scorches like a fire.

The sand is warm beneath your toes.

It's a place to spend time with someone you know.

The water laps gently against the shore,

While people play games, trying to score.

The heat rushes through, warming your hand.

There are people listening to music and dancing in the sand.

This is what my heart longs for as I lay here this day.

Someday soon I hope to see this as my lute I play."

She continues to hum the melody as the wind blows about her face.

Out of the wind she hears a voice calling her down from her place.

Ever curious, she follows the sound of a whisper on the wind,

Soon she came upon a little cave, darkness seeping from within.

'I'll take anything that comes!

Longing for warmth is not wrong

and there was nothing anyone could find offensive in my song.'

Seeing a flickering light just out of reach she boldly stepped inside.

The light flared up, giving her a surprise!

Standing before her was a wondrous creature all of white,

horse-like in nature a single pointed horn on its head gave off the light.

"Oh my, a unicorn!" she breathed in softly in awe of its beauty.

"Greetings young bard," it said. "I stand before you now as is my duty."

"Your duty? Whatever could you mean?" she replied.

"Your song drew me from a long slumber with it's purity of design.

In all my years I've never heard something so full of longing,

if I were to ignore it it would be you I was wronging."

The unicorn spoke softly, giving the young bard hope.

"Let your spirit soar as I grant you your wish, there is no reason to mope."

The bard felt herself warming from without,

with surprise she let out a shout.

"My dreams, the warmth, they have all come true!

Oh dear unicorn, how can I ever thank you?"

The unicorn neighed softly in amusement as he looked at her,

"You have already helped by making the world sunnier.

For three months of every year the season will be warmer,

in honor of your love and purity we name it after you: Summer."

Delighted beyond words, the bard kissed the unicorn on his nose.

"From here on out I will spread the word with cheerful prose,

From this day forth through all the world around,

the people will rejoice as the sun shines down.

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