Suicide and Death

I'm standing on the edge of a cliff--

my eyes closed, my back stiff,

Wondering what i should do,

with the pain that's tearing me in two.

I want to jump and end my life--

to end all my pain and strife.

Yet I hesitate and walk back a step

Leaving a tiny space between myself and death.

I debate what I should do,

Then step forward to begin my end anew.

I take a deep breath I'm ready to die,

But someone comes down and lets out a cry.

It is my friend telling me not to leap

He says death isn't worth it and life is a treat.

He grabs my arm and pulls me close

Saying to me what I feared to hear the most

that someone would care if I died.

From the lies I told myself, I could no longer hide.

My chance to end it all was gone.

As we leave, I look back at the cliff I'd stood upon.

I think of the few minutes I had before it was too late

and I wonder what would have happened if I didn't hesitate.

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