Always in Front of Me

It may have always been true,

That you stood over me watching me with your protective eye.


That the bounderies you have set up,

The lines you've drawn in the sand,

The words you've etched in cement,

Have guided me to who I am now.


Although I never realized this,

Never wanted to accept that I'm below you.

Always unwilling to see the way it was.


I see it now.

I see it because you've never lied to me,

Or anyone.

I see it because of the way you've upheld our morals.

I see how the struggle you went through,

The journey you've made to get here,

Was at first for yourself,

but you stayed for us.


I'm sure we'd all like to thank you in our own way,

But this is how I will do it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Es para el senior de la casa (broken spanish)

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