The Light You Left To Shine

November 2014

As long as these memories continue to decay,

i won't mind as we waste away,

why not find a real lover, go ahead,

i have actual lovers who'd care if i drop dead,


from your return you were out of line,

but i needed all this time to be fine,

and with more time i won't be able to rewind,

i'll forever be the light bulb you screwed in and left to shine,


in time this light will be burning,

and in a much different direction i'll be turning,

when that learning day comes, what you give is what you get,

so that will be why you'll see me and feel guilt and regret,


at this time you're a warm corpse at best,

and i can't wait until you're off my chest,

once i relive the rest, and why you would expect me to stay,

why you wondered why i never fought, just dug your grave.

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