Chemically Induced Love

November 2014

Only your friend showed me the way to you,

and only unfair silence kept me away from you,

sure it's true, with us it was chemical,

my heart beat fast enough to make me no longer legible,


it was sensual, still gives me something to write about,

and as much as i go ADHD she's all i think about,

no doubt nothing short of miraculous would bring me back to you,

without wanting to shout in pain, i wait for you,


she went through my eyes and into my veins,

a few smiles chose to detour and invade my brains,

no need to strain my mind, i can't be who i want me to be,

and until then i can't be the partner she'd want me to be,


with so much free time i think of the things we used to do,

no matter how many onlookers we had, it was just me and you,

she blew out my candle, still my head is burnin up,

close my mind off to that past, time for another cup.

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