Our Love Feeds Corners

November 2014

Not like i asked for a violent spark,

knew you'd end up as a silent thought,

you never fought so i never made movement,

always questioning why there's no imrpovement,


almost powered the blueprint, all i needed was duracell,

always knew you were her and on that i'm still sure as hell,

well i might as well go down as loves martyr,

text a location and i'll get privately chartered,


all love for starters then alone chose to box it,

our memories must now be trespassing and toxic,

my mind has been so chaotic, mental stairmaster,

and the worst part is your smile is my mental air mattress,


your my favorite madness, long ride in a taxi cab,

walk out with my hat and guitar on sax fifth ave,

pull off the mental scab, strum out infiinity with you and beyond,

make enough to buy the corner man a burger with your song.

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