When Will We Finally Be Understood?

November 2014

Why can't I belong?

when will i find that tune and strum my song?

when will just alright stop going so wrong?

have i been wasting my love all along?


am i strong and brave, or weak and unstable?

is this love i feel real or all just a fable?

foot taps on the floor, hand writes on the table,

heart chooses the music and what plays on cable,


am i unstable or able to move along?

when will the words fill in the song?

when will i forget her standing there in shirt and thong?

am i strong in feeling love or am i all wrong?


it's crazy that my mind still projects you through my eyes,

over countless months and hundreds of tries,

i've tried and tried to keep quietly aside,

but i can no longer hold onto questionable love for pride.

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