My Tiny Way Of Feeling I Belong

November 2014

You've got it all wrong,

we're on the same album, you just got the wrong song,

it's impossible for her to even know,

i'm the only one here with a hopeless romantic soul,


seconds add to minutes that count up, just want her to know,

even when she returned and left, just knowing her made me whole,

no one else asks or cares, no one else knows,

i'm a lonely loving soul,


still i can see her so clearly acting out her promo spot,

showing somehow she loved me when i know she can not,

allowed whatever we had to rot, my heart has been the cost,

i'm just litter floating lonely down the river, i'm lost,


yet with all the confusion i still write out life's wrongs,

so i could have some tiny way of feeling I belong,

still we feel the same songs, she'll just never know,

that i'm a loenly hopeless soul.

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