Just A Minute Of Your Day

October 2014

Never thought i'd see you again,

let alone with only me, no friends,

all the days in between i've seen

the millions of ways you shatter my dream,


there's only so many nights i could take,

where i feel like my thoughts hammer in the stake,

no missin this stakes aim, my heart is all over,

and sometimes it takes a break to the side that's colder,


until one week sober warms up the visible side,

one week of writing and strumming increases my pride,

how could i forget the first time i ever saw you,

at my house where i was being set up with a friend who


came with the girl who wanted the set up,

when all along i just wanted to grab my drink and get up,

sit next to you and feel the future rhymes,

don't want to make you love, just want to take your time.

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