Forgot How To Be Bold & Confident

October 2014

Why must it now be so hard to just say hey,

to some beautiful women i see during my day,

and why must it be even harder to say hey without talking?

only a text away but this girl once chose walking,


as a pitcher i was balking, words creeped out my cheeks,

and i found it hard just talking with you for weeks,

then i knew as it hit me like a pitch to the face,

you somehow lost interest for me and wanted to leave without a trace,


day by day i now slowly replace your face in my thoughts,

i remember myself and all the lessons taught,

but i'm aching just knowing i might never get over,

to be frank it's crazy i've YET to get over,


tried tricking sober, then tried going cold,

but still my sober heart beat for you just like the old,

somewhere in my life i forgot how to be bold and confident,

i forgot how to act when you see someone so heaven sent.

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