Behind These Brown Eyes

October 2014

Look at her sitting there with this beauty only the heart can see,

while i'm sitting her glad to be with... we'll see

if time will give me, if not her, my perfect,

i'm now confident enough to say i deserve it,


sure i have the nerve with choices to not be wise,

but if you truly got to know me and see through my disguise,

you'll know i'm a kind hearted man on Earth only to do good,

to do what's right like every human should,


but could and what some do are very different animals,

one is a peaceful monk, the other a thieving cannibal,

before you become my hannibal try and see,

i've only ever been in NYC with a hope for we,


but it's not a long forgotten dream, i can sleep and feel you there,

then wake up and watch you slowly disappear,

all i have right now i would give to you any day,

but sadly for me you always choose some other way.

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