Yelling With The Rain

October 2014

Even in the view of a beautiful sky,

i still fall back to the thought of why,

so i pray for clouded nights to block out the pain,

i'd much rather walk home yelling with the rain,


there's no time for waiting, i'm still here,

so i thought you would appreciate a few

lines written with just the thought of you,

fueled by only the best, a heart breaking walk out by you,


what else do i know how to do? just yell with the rain,

with headphones on i could care less if someone plain

decides to train their eyes on my walking through,

and see me barely crawl on with a thought of you,


it's only in the stories that you choose to last,

what else could memories be but novels of our past?

on you i won't think too fast, my heart will obtain

it's ability to cry out with the rain.

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