When Is My Golden Age?

October 2014

Said i would but never acted,

all along i've stayed attracted,

but stuck distracted, nothing else to change,

whatever light now shows is thanks to my fuse,


all the way from the blues to the music views i now retain,

i can take any mistakes, heart breaks or pain,

and drain it all out on an empty page,

stop and look at all the rage and pain that's been uncaged,


when is my golden age? when can i finally forget?

when will i need to stop giving all my blood and sweat

into another regret? become something from nothing,

no more love needed so no need for crushing,


no reason for blushing, haven't found a reason to speak up,

ever since she chose to put her mystique up,

motivation gets weak just in time with passion,

when will this love leave my mind in an orderly fashion?

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