Someone Else Along The Way

October 2014

Can't understand how i live past this day,

knowing you found someone else along the way,

no hope for pay leading to one night,

but i still love that brown haired dream tonight,


could be alright but i'm too nice,

never acting on love, only giving advice,

thoughts itch like lice, led on by only what you say,

hurts that you found someone else along the way,


it could be right in her face, but she pushes away,

so i just lay back and relax another day,

still perk up to just the things she says,

neck pops open like a childhood pez,


it's not fair, no longer could an excuse be youth,

i'll always love you and you'll never know the truth,

until i'm in a booth strumming words i write,

hurts knowing you found someone else each night.

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