Without A Care Of Returning To You

October 2014

I could have been the way you wanted me to be,

but you chose the ease and packed up to leave,

my mind is the mountain, my thoughts are the sea,

tearing one another apart, how could i believe


that on the eve of some dream i would be okay?

waking up and whistling, no better then a blue jay,

that sings its tune every day without sway,

i'm sure i too can continue to tune without they,


i'll continue to talk of some fray that left me broken,

it wouldn't be my secret if i had it written or spoken,

if there were ever a small appreciation or token,

leave it with your own thoughts, your own ocean,


if i could have chosen, i would have chose the truth,

without one care if it ever brought me back to you,

now wait and see me go far like a ball off Ruth,

without one care if it will ever bring me back to you.

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