Just Come With Love That Hurts

August 2014

I hate confidence, it's true,

cause that's all i'd need to do

just to turn a smile from her to you,

yet falling over her steps is all i do,


not sure how i'm supposed to move to the next,

if life throws tests then i just guess

that being depressed comes with love, hearts stress,

hurts at all times but i'll always think her best,


i know she felt the pain when we flexed, then snapped,

when she returned changed and silent, our keg was tapped,

and little did i know that it only happ-

ened to be a punch in the heart, skip the slap,


grown enough to know that life can test and life can hurt,

but pushing through what's tough is the only way to make it work,

no matter how many nightmares choose to lurk,

i'll always live this girl, what a dumb jerk.

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