Why Brag She Texts You Back?

August 2014

With a best friend that brags nightly enough,

about the girl that it hurts to love,

loves making sure i know it's her he's writin,

while i keep quiet that it's her my mind is fightin,


those memories haven't lost an ounce of strength,

who would have thought this feeling would go such a length,

am i supposed to convince myself that she's out there?

mom is always begging me to go out and share,


but where could she be, in my brain or my heart?

my thoughts may be misleading but my heart's truthful from the start,

the thrill of the chase long ago lost its goosebumps,

why not text him some more, she loves loose humps,


should i convince myself she's the one,

when all along she jumps to write him back, dumb

that chris has to always tell me that he's texting that dancer,

losing track of the real question, fell off track of the answer.

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