I Always Swore We'd Never Last

August 2014

We sped on the highway just to stall and crash,

i always swore we'd never last,

i'm just happy to say in that girlfriend way she was almost mine,

now she's the rhyme at the end of each and every line.


It was never i who chose to rush,

just cruising along with her was enough,

but somewhere along the road we hit love,

and man did that one Summer feel so good.


Daily think of that one amazing night,

when just ignoring your phone was alright,

and in the end whhat did you do?

prove to me that you will always be you.


Fail to understand why i ever got involved,

when all along i knew you'd go unsolved,

meanwhile i revolve around the thought of you,

even when i try not to, i always fall back to you.

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