Best Mistake You Ever Had

August 2014

Forget the desire that was once felt,

rip up the cards i was dealt,

heat up the memories til they melt,

if they still stick around chase them out with the belt.


Tell them no longer will they be my waste of time,

i'm tired of us talking like we haven't made up our minds,

annoyed of always saying you're a find,

and pissed at my friends saying i'm still talking blind.


Some love for me is long overdue,

tired of writing to the older you,

i'm through with having the same love this August,

and still knowing that if anything, you'll always be flawless.


In my own mind i'm the god, you're the goddess,

sucks, but i'm just being honest,

you are flawless, a perfect painting on a body-pad,

i like to imagine i'm the best mistake you ever had.

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