This Love Will Live Through The Ages

August 2014

My beautiful thoughts are allowed to take control,

memories start to eat me whole,

keep the hurt quiet, can't say your name out loud,

so i choose to immortalize you by writing you down.


Past the smokey parks with the sky high damned,

i have held something out of heaven with these hands,

in order to make sure you live through the ages,

i will always see the right words for empty pages.


We used to lay in each others grasp on these sheets,

now i lay on the same bed sending out subliminal tweets,

and if you ever look under the words,

you'll know that you will always be the pulse to my verse.


I still can't fully understand,

how i managed to hold and lose love with these hands,

now you'll remain through the ages,

as the heart beat to my empty blue lined pages.

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