To Those With Graceful Feet

July 2014

Walk around like the deaf only reading a sign,

she's hiding at 12 while i'm searching at 6, time

to open up the opportunity for try,

and completely eliminate any opposition from why,


lets embarass ourselves like lovers do,

i'm sure you could remember how to love me too,

the pity-lovers tell me "all in due time",

when always in the end i'm only saying i'm fine,


sometimes i'm happy to be shy,

only opening up to those who stay in my life,

now we've fallen off course like some lovers do,

not a day has gone by when i haven't thought about you,


not like i choose to do this either,

she left me but could i have chose to leave her?

it seems those with graceful feet love leavin,

while those with open arms love just once more feelin.

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