If That's What It Takes

July 2014

I never thought that just by writing down all our memories,

i could smile away my day and nightly write away enemies,

i'd write some nights until i closed my eyes and in that dark space,

all i'd see is her bright features and lit up face,


maybe one day these written words could connect us some way,

and you could finally pay back those parties ditched, just run J,

or maybe i could flip off the switch that's keeping my pain on,

walk off the hard cement, no longer a face to rain on,


if only she could just for one lonely minute see

exactly what it is she does to me,

if only she could just for one lucky minute feel

the way i uncontrollably for her feel,


would it change our current situation?

allowing hope to grow in a bed of frustration,

never knew that a pen and notebook could be such amazing company, no fakes,

she'll never know that i'll write until my fingers bleed, if that's what it takes.

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