Just By Following The Trail Of Pain She Left

July 2014

Though we never shared more then a few months, it was fine,

i still loved her for a year after the last night dine,

although i was left to do no more then hope and wait,

it's her i still think of when i'm in my own head late,


at night it's not alright to text her, or on consecutive days,

or if i have a problem, especially when i'm hazed,

so it's a once every two week affair we now share,

only speaking through text like you still care,


or did care, or would share even if you ever did,

instead of letting live in you kept your smile hid,

then when we undid all of our past i chose to run,

cause being that overwhelmed by one girl at any party ain't fun,


both times i left stunned that i could ever leave,

still cry some times on the trail of pain we leave,

though i try to believe i'll love more, i'll love again,

i'll enjoy loving thinking of that dancing angel from back then.

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