Why Can't You Even Show Face?

July 2014

I miss the days when i always tasted the sweet life,

not the days when i only look forward to the sweet cyph,

i miss the texts we woke up to, just our conversations,

not the vacant space in my bar of notifications,


i really thought for a little back then that we had it,

or whatever it is, now i'm claiming it all bullshit,

if we were really creating a map to a better place,

then why can't you even show face?


i always had your back, guess it wasn't so evident,

who's leaving who full and holey? ... my ass you're heaven sent,

i just can't get over you, or stay sober too,

tried to find another one, went local and global too,


i miss the days that we had a decent conversation,

then followed it up the next day with a better one facin

in the direction of due love, i tried to stay the course,

but somewhere along the way i missed a few ports.

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