I Don't Want To Waste Another Minute Without You

July 2014

I understand if there was that split second where you allowed in

all that was needed for you to ruin,

the great thing we were becoming, still i'm here for you,

doesn't that amount to something? as much as i could abhor you,


i choose to still love you as much as i used to,

although i've found others who could replace you i choose you,

all i can ever think of is you in my arms, barely dressed,

using your smile to erase all my troubles, i was rarely stressed,


i don't want to waste another minute without you,

dreaming i'm the one you whisper to "i found you",

i hope there's still space in your heart for me,

as much as i still love you, i can only hope you don't abhor me,


all i can ever think of is your smile and kiss that night,

when no car seat could contain what we felt was right,

if there's even a slim chance i have to be with you,

i promise no minor or major evil could keep me from true.

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