Won't See You Ever Again

June 2014

Somehow back then i knew that when the storm decided to end,

i would see no more of you, less texts to send,

knew up the road i'd get a hey here and there,

flew the coop for a broad who was never really there,


sometimes in rhymes i share and my apologies to all

who get hurt when i find the right rhymes to my fall,

just for a minute the red raging sky,

turns blue and calm, like when i used to see you try,


back then as "friends" we never noticed the last 4 letters,

or maybe you did which is why you've ended up better,

still a trend setter with a go getter vibe,

along with that black hole it's easy to get sucked in and jibe,


just fo a minute, then the skies turn gray,

raining down texts she used to send like heyyy,

turning into the now hail like random hey what's up,

landing in my dixie of warm liquor to cold the cup up.

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