Here's To Looking At You

June 2014

I miss your laugh, but most of all your smile,

pretty sure we've either long ago or slowly now die on trial,

all you need to do is ask, even daily want to,

i don't text you ever cause it'd be a taunt too,


i miss your smile, i miss the calm i felt when

i was with you, finally anything could happen,

was hoping it was one of those rare moments when

we were allowed to get what we want in the end,


but what if it's what you wanted, and you got it,

leaving me quietly haunted, mind's always knotted,

and you thought maybe by being distant i'd be okay,

but it's that which kills me every minute of every day,


have let go but still this lingering scar,

keeps me staring off in the direction where you are,

or could be cause in the months where we don't talk,

you could just as easily quietly go the distance and walk.

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