Scarred Questions

June 2014

With the way we looked at one another,

how could we now be so far from each other?

does the moment really pass for the electricity

to leave the both of us and leave me lonely?


does it end when the silence reaches long periods when

i wonder about what else i could have done back then?

are we friends or acquantances who once felt love?

or are we mere departures who felt a year delay wasn't enough?


it's tough but i'm a man who can stand after falling,

i could fix up the engine soon after it's stalling,

long after Lebrons done balling i'll still love you,

long after Duncans done celebrating i'll still love you,


is it not enough to make no amount of time in between

us, damage us or kill love... love another team,

as much as it doesn't seem, i wish i could show her,

as much as i dream love, i wish i could still say i know her.

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