How To Speak When You Feel Unspoken

June 2014

For the one who was quiet while she pushed away,

now you sure have a lot to say,

only compared to then,

only compared to the unspoken words of our end,


five times the amount i think of you daily,

i miss you and wonder if i'm in your daily,

just mail me an explanation, i know it won't get sent

by the texts you now randomly decide should be sent,


my frame's been bent six times but it still rolls along,

my guitar's missing a few strings but still sings its songs,

i take all the wrongs i could have done,

and erase them with the same songs we sung,


maybe the seventh time is the lucky one,

drenched from this constant rain, i'm the lucky son?

compare that dung to the explanation of ending greatness,

want some truth? i truly hate this.

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