No I Don't Want To Love Her Anymore

June 2014

No i don't want to hate you but i'm greatful that i could,

sure i loved you, maybe still do, not like i should,

the cure to me is to be me and stop replaying the past,

quit being yesterdays bitch, over take her and keep her behind my ass,


the same questions asked, after the random greeting,

the same lame me always wishing for a meeting

where the seating chart would place our names at a table for two,

no i don't want to hate you but after what you chose to do


it's mighty hard not to, like it's hard not to write

when days have passed since my last writing night,

where the feelings i still have for her pile up until there's clutter,

i'll empty out the love by letting my pen stutter,


if i'm the bread then she's just the butter, there for taste,

i'm the nutrients you need, she's just a gluttons paste,

i don't want to love you anymore, no i don't want to hate you,

but i love you more then i should, more then i would ever hate you.

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