Who Else Cares?

June 2014

The way that she's movin has me wantin more,

the way her body arches back after a bit more,

the way her arms feel when they're locked around me,

the way that she lays her head on my chest still astounds me,


in a way she found me when i was looking else where,

until she looked me in my eyes and asked "who else cares?"

while i stared and cared i was prepared for any and all,

i wouldn't fair any better anywhere else so why not fall?


when one loves you and you can love back, why not?

why can't we be fearful and give it all we've got?

countless times something amazing was ruined by silly thoughts,

a great love shared silently was lost among the many dots,


now i roam around only staring down...true,

but at least i can say i have someone to come home to,

as momentarily as it may be, and as much as i may want you,

i'll have to find some way to forget completely about you.

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