With Nothing To Lose It's Easy To Give Yourself Away

June 2014

See the minutes go by without going in for seconds,

love goes from violent to silent without once being threatened,

the tweet flew out even when i didn't mention

the seat or section i was seated in, she found my direction,


i write for the collection, my fear is i'd forget

of all the fast times spent with Mustangs and Corvettes,

just allow the jazz quartet their moment, close your eyes,

listen to the message in the constantly replayed reprise,


find it hard living with the memories and without you,

yet in some sad way i trust your choice, never doubt you,

once i found out about you i realized my reason

for living was to fill the many different emotional seasons,


i wait for you without you, then i reach the shore,

warn all the inhabitants what type of hell is in store

for the stupid who hear my warning of tsunami and stay,

i only know because i was that stupid listener one past day.

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